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RE: [tools-pmc] Re: tools-pmc Digest, Vol 19, Issue 13


This is exactly the type of thing that sends me into fits of confusion.  If
they can't have a release, then a release review seems to be meaningless.

In any case, I read section IV to say that no project containing partially
reviewed IP may make available a release candidate build or release build
containing such partially reviewed IP; only incubating projects can contain
partially reviewed IP in the first place.

I would also like to draw your attention specifically to this diagram in
the development process

In particular, this part here where there is an explicit cycle showing that
incubating projects have release reviews and can remain in the incubation
state after that review

      (Embedded image moved to file: pic08055.jpg)

Am I misreading this diagram?

I have a feeling that emotions are getting caught up in the discussion.
Goodness knows I'm an expert at doing that.  One of my numerous faults.

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> I.e., I could have sworn that incubating components didn't need
> release reviews; but I was wrong

To be clear: the IP Policy[1] and the Development Process[2] do not say
incubating projects must have release reviews. Those documents say that
incubating projects cannot do releases. Incubators do not distribute code
the release level.

[1] (see Section


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