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RE: [tools-pmc] Mylyn 2.1 did not have a Release Review


I don't think there is any issue here with these builds containing
unreviewed IP so I think you are mixing up two quite different issues.
It's pretty clear that a release candidate has not yet been release
reviewed, so I assume you aren't arguing that each release candidate must
be release reviewed...

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No, that is not acceptable. The IP Policy explicitly states:

      Such Content may not be contained in any software distribution by any
      project denoted as a release candidate (e.g. ?RC1?) or final release
      (e.g. ?1.0?). All code contained in release candidates and/or
      releases must have completed the additional due diligence as
      described below?.

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Rather than removing it entirely, is it also acceptable to rename it from
Release (type R) to RC (type S), both in the zips and update site.xml?
We've been told it's acceptable to do so in the past for EMFT components.
Does that solution no longer apply?

On 10/17/07, Bjorn Freeman-Benson <bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Mik, Eugene, Gail, Ian, Rob, Steffen, (cc/ Tools PMC)
I noticed that the Mylyn web page announces the 2.1 release of Mylyn as of
September 27th. However, I do not recall having a Release Review for 2.1
(looking at the list of completed reviews, I don't see it either). All
major releases are required to go through a Release Review, where "major"
is defined as M.N. Bug fix releases (M.N.P) are exempt assuming that there
are no new features in a bug fix release.  The Mylyn N&N implies that there
are new features in 2.1, so it's not just a bug fix release, right?

Thus, either:
      There was a 2.1 Release Review and I am forgetting it (if so, please
      provide a url), or
      The 2.1 Release is really a 2.0.1 Release and thus exempt (if so,
      please explain why the N&N shows new features), or
      There was no 2.1 Release Review.
In the later case, you need to remedy that error ASAP. Anne will get you on
the schedule in the absolutely next available slot. In the meantime, you
should also take the 2.1 release off the website and the download and
update site until it has had a Release Review and IP clearance.

- Bjorn

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