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RE: [tools-pmc] RE: [ve-dev] Contribution on VE with XML editor

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Jeff wrote:
>Sure would be good to have that parallel IP process extended to all projects ;-)
+1 :-P
As for getting a tools incubator, I agree I think we need one. It does not make sense for a tools project to start its onw incubator just because it can.
It does not make sens not have to have the ability to incubate things in tools, especially when those are tightly linked to a certain tools project.
Note that web tools started theiur own incubator.
Incubators are in, they are cool.
Let's do one!
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Subject: Re: [tools-pmc] RE: [ve-dev] Contribution on VE with XML editor

you would have to have a subproject in Technology as well.  IMHO it would be better to have one general Tools incubator subporject with N components than N Tech subprojects.  Either solution is not great.  

Ed Merks/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA
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Re: [tools-pmc] RE: [ve-dev] Contribution on VE with XML editor


Isn't that what the Technology project is for?!   It seems almost ironic
for the Tools project to have a general purpose incubating subproject when
the entire Technology project exists for this purpose...

Ed Merks/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA
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unfortunately the parallel IP process applies only to "Incubating
Projects".  VE is not incubating. It seems a bit extreme to set up a new
Tools project to incubate this work.  So an interesting question is whether
or not Tools should have a general "Incubator" as we do in the Eclipse TLP.


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Hi Yves:
Welcome ! This is a great news.
Your contributions are very much welcomed and I would love you join the
project and be a driving force for non-Java visual editing.
Team, I had a good discussion with Yves on the phone and here is how we
could go at it:
1/ we need a VE incubator for that, so we can welcome new significant code
contributions and benefit from the paralell IP process . Any thought from
the Tools PMC on how to do that?
2/ in the meantime Yves and I will work to prepare his contribution (mini
review, package/names space refactoring, notices, licenses etfc) and when
ready this will be posted in some public for everyone to review
3/ at that stage I'll be able to start an IPZilla CQ to get review and
approval for that contribution
4/ then we can vote Yves in asa  new committer

The interesting things is :
There are synergies possibilities with the proposed contribution from Cathy
(the VE Groovy extensions)
There have been request here and on the new group for XML focused VE

Thoughts? Feedback?

Philippe - - - - -

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Hi All,

I'm Yves YANG from Soyatec. I were the CTO of Omondo from 2002 and early
2006 and built the key components in EclispeUML. In my new company Soyatec,
I work in a project to edit UI in XML file on top of VE since Mai 2006.
product is on production now in our custosmer. We think it could be
profitable for all users if we can contribute this kind of solution in
Eclipse to promote the XML UI approach, instead of the Java programming.
Please let me know if you are interested.

Best regards

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