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[tools-pmc] Re: [technology-pmc] ECF project: technology to tools?

Speaking on behalf of the Technology PMC, I think this is a fine idea. We would agree.

Scott Lewis wrote:
Tools and Technology PMCs,

The ECF project has been in the technology group for some time, and the committers are currently discussing whether it would make sense to move over to the tools group.  The project is now approaching 1.2 release, and we are doing more and more with other tools projects (e.g. shared editing with EMF, Mylyn integration, etc).
Would you agree to such a move?  Would you like to discuss?
We have the ECF 1.2 release review on Oct 18, and if you agree and the other committers agree, would like to also do a move review on Oct 18 as well.


Scott Lewis - ECF project lead.

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