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RE: [tools-pmc] Suggestion for some CVS cleanup in tools

Some other +1s for this:

As far as I know nobody has spoken up against the idea, so I wonder if the
best thing to do now is to file bugs against those projects and allow them
to handle it on their own timeframe?  Fyi, it is possible to do such a move
in a clean way with relatively little disruption by asking the webmaster to
move your CVS directories.  When we last did a move of this sort we asked
all committers to synch outgoing changes, requested the move in CVS, and had
everyone re-check out an updated project set later that same day.  


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> Subject: [tools-pmc] Suggestion for some CVS cleanup in tools
> Hi:
> I would like to suggest some simple reorgs in the tools CVS project.
> There are a lot of project who have a low level of activities (cobol)
> or
> have moved to other places (hyades ->tptp)
> It does not promote the project to have a messy CVS with a lot of
> obsolete modules.
> Could we have an organization similar to that of the more recent
> newcomers like PDT or Mylyn?
> That is: one top level module for each project?
> Cordially
> --
> Cheers
> Philippe
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