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RE: [tools-pmc] Fw: Reviving the Visual Editor project


You seemed to have missed Steve Robenalt as a current and active committer
on the project. See [1], [2] and [3] as recent examples.

That said, I am sure that everyone would be thrilled to have Philippe and
Erik join him ASAP.


Mike Milinkovich
Office: +1.613.224.9461 x228
Mobile: +1.613.220.3223

> -----Original Message-----
> Tools PMC Members,
> The VE project appears to be in need of a kick start.  The existing
> committers are inactive, i.e., they do not response to notes, newsgroup
> questions, nor do they incorporate contributed patches.  A new set of
> committers is needed.   Philippe and Erik appear to be good candidates,
> although I have yet to get an e-mail response from Erik to any of the
> notes
> I've sent him whereas Philippe appears to be very responsive, so
> Philippe
> appears to be the best candidate to lead the project.
> What are your thoughts on this?

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