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Re: [tools-pmc] [Fwd: Re: [cobol-dev] Vote for New Committer]


John Duimovich <john.duimovich@xxxxxxxxx>
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12/07/2006 09:54 AM

Please respond to
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Tools PMC mailing list <tools-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx>
[tools-pmc] [Fwd: Re: [cobol-dev] Vote for New Committer]

As per vote on developer list ->


PMC your votes please ...


----- Message from Hisanori Moriguchi <moriguchi.hisan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> on Thu, 7 Dec 2006 17:15:32 +0900 -----
Re: [cobol-dev] Vote for New Committer

Dear all, thank you for voting.

> Dear COBOL project committers,
> This is an email to request your vote on our recommendation of a new committer
> for COBOL project.
> I would like to nominate Tetsuya Suehisa as committer for the COBOL project.
> He is willing to contribute to COBOL project development. In the past two months,
> he has been actively working on the COBOL plugin development for Eclipse 3.2.
> I would like to need to get his committer privilege, because he has plans to respond
> quickly and investigate independently to the Bugzilla incident, to communicate actively
> about Eclipse 3.2 in the cobol-dev, to put codes for Eclipse 3.2 to the CVS repository,
> and to change the COBOL project pages to the new Phoenix style.
> The case for granting Suehisa commit right on the COBOL project are set out below.
> If you are in favor, please respond by voting '+1'
> If you are in opposition, please respond by voting '-1'
> You may abstain by voting '0'.
> Please respond with your votes in the next 3 days.
> This vote is for existing committers on the COBOL project only.
> I'll start: +1
> Thanks
> Hisanori Moriguchi, committer of COBOL IDE Project
> _______________________________________________
> cobol-dev mailing list
> cobol-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx

The new committer voting summary is as follows.

Committers                Vote

Hiroyuki Inaba            +1
Eiji Morito               +1
Tomoki Shiratori          +1
Kouichi Nakamura          +1
Keiichi Ida               +1
Hisanori Moriguchi        +1

Non-committers (non-binding)

Jens Doll                 +1
Sebastien RATEL           +1
Jose Pinheiro             +1
Jerry Woods               +1

Voting on the cobol-dev mailing list has concluded with unanimous committer +1 for the new committer:
Tetsuya Suehisa

Dear John Duimovich(Tools PMC lead), please cast your vote for approving a new committer.


Hisanori Moriguchi, committer of COBOL IDE Project

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