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Re: [tools-pmc] PTP Move to Tools

I'm fine with this.  Out of curiosity, is this seen as a graduation step for them?  That is, why move?


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11/15/2006 04:43 PM

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[tools-pmc] PTP Move to Tools

Hey gang,
Still no minutes from John (sigh…)
One of the things we talked about was moving the Parallel Tools Project (PTP) from Technology to Tools. PTP, for those who don’t know, is building a development environment to support applications that run on big iron super computers such as you would find on They are truly testing the limits of Eclipse’s scalability, especially on debug where they end up debugging thousands of processes at a time. PTP currently reuses a lot of the CDT to support C development and Photran (which also reuses a lot of the CDT) for Fortran. From their last conference call, they have a nice community growing of mainly research based organizations, but with a smattering of commercial vendors getting interested.
At any rate, I’ve talked to them and they are definitely interested in joining the Tools community and would be a great addition to our portfolio. Can I get a semi-formal approval to proceed with organizing the Move review. We can do a more formal approval once the Move review slides are completed.
Doug Schaefer, QNX Software Systems
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