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RE: RE: [tools-pmc] PHP Project dropping integration with, WTP?

While I am concerned about duplication of effort/frameworks, I am more concerned about the lack of public discussion around this issue and the lack of a project plan on the PHP website. I'm sure that the Zend people (82% of the PHP project) discussed this internally, but I didn't see any discussion in the newsgroup or on the developer mailing list. I'm not sure how I can emphasize that it is extremely important that Eclipse projects be open and transparent - and that includes having these discussions and conclusions in public.
In order to make this well organized, Robert Goodman (who was involved
in the PHP IDE back then) and I will conduct a call with the PHP team
and the WTP team to raise the problems again and to see a possible
integration in terms of Server configuration in the future.
That's a good idea, but a phone call is not a public discussion. At the very least you need to post the minutes of these phone calls. A little better is to use a conference bridge and invite everyone involved in the Eclipse PHP community to attend.

- Bjorn

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