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[tm-dev] TM HEAD is now 3.4 (Juno)

TM Committers,


I’ve branched off an R3_3_maintenance branch for 3.3.2 (Indigo SR2) maintenance work.

We’ll want to keep that branch stable, so committing / releasing into the Maintenance Stream

requires committer review as well as a proven/tested fix on HEAD:



HEAD is now open for 3.4 (Juno) development without review requirements.

Feel free to just commit into HEAD.


Note that our main objective for 3.4 (Juno) is running fine on Eclipse 4.2, so we should develop on 4.2 too.

Please make sure to also register older JDK’s and the API Tools baseline to get proper error reporting!

Instructions for workspace setup are here:



That page also has the build schedule for our automated I-builds (3.3.x are now referred to as H-builds).

As with our older maintenance builds, a 3.3.x build will be kicked as soon as you release something

into the R3_3_maintenance branch of the mapfile.


Our next goal should be migrating the build to Tycho (Anna?), in preparation for a potential git migration.

Right now, there’s discussions about turning off CVS in December 2012.


Let me know if there’s any questions.





Martin Oberhuber, SMTS / Product Architect – Development Tools, Wind River

direct +43.662.457915.85  fax +43.662.457915.6