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Re: [tigerstripe-dev] Question on converting class to datatype



OK, thanks. It is a nice way to do it.

This only works in I36, right?  In previous versions, the SID base types were imported as classes. I remember trying this and I got classes.


Best regards




From: Christopher Hartley (chrhartl) [mailto:chrhartl@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2011 12:11 PM
To: Flauw, Marc
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Subject: RE: [tigerstripe-dev] Question on converting class to datatype




A better solution is to use the <<BaseType>> stereotype to automatically import as a Datatype.




So this is the initial rule I need for Classes


If (<<baseType>> or <<dataType>>) then "map to DataType"

Else "map to Entity"



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From: "Flauw, Marc" <Marc.Flauw@xxxxxx>

Date: 28 November 2011 08:40:02 GMT

To: Tigerstripe Developers <tigerstripe-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Subject: [tigerstripe-dev] Question on converting class to datatype

Reply-To: Tigerstripe developers list <tigerstripe-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>


Dear all,


I have seen the note from Chris mentioning the possibility to convert class to datatype in I36.


This is very welcomed.


Is there a way to call that from a program?

In fact, we would like to do this conversion while doing the SID Import (based on the UML import).


Thanks and regards



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