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RE: [tigerstripe-dev] Tigerstripe model validation

Title: Re: [tigerstripe-dev] Tigerstripe model validation
Thanks for the answer. Please find my comments.
best regards,

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Sent: 2010年6月30日 13:19
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Subject: Re: [tigerstripe-dev] Tigerstripe model validation

Hi Zhao,

So far, validation has been done through “validation” plugins which basically create a report. This is triggered like any other plugin. 
<jinzhai>agree. It is better to launch the validation from menu: right click a model project, choose 'validate', then check the result at 'problem view' or a dedicated view. Just be a standard Eclipse validator.</jinzhai>

We have been thinking about something a bit more interactive (that would lead to reporting problems in the problems view). This sounds like a good candidate for that.

The key thing here is to make it configurable enough to be relevant to various models and be generic. 

So, we could define some generic rules to be turned on/off and tuned/configured.  
Don't know how configurable and generic is enough :-)
I would think in Tigerstripe we have a validation framework plugin just like the eclipse EMF valiation framework for EMF model validation. The framework implements generic rules as well as provides extention point for adding/adjusting validation rules.
 Maybe these would be part of the profile? Maybe they would be separate. 
<jinzhai>better be separate. at future, a Tigerstripe model can be decorated with profile or annotation. The validator should also work in annotated model project.<jinzhai> 

Note that the auditors do support some extension points to add specific behavior. But maybe we want to make it a bit more configurable rather than having users write an Eclipse plugin and some Java code.  
<jinzhai>Yes some extension points are needed. but in my opinion,  In any case, some specific validation rules are unpredictable and possible. They may not be covered in Tigerstripe built-in validator. so we should make it possible for users to write plugin.</jinzhai>
 We are in planning phase now... So now is a good time to speak up and propose ideas :-). 
Patterns? Single rules? Naming conventions? 
<jinzhai>I'd like to join the discussion.
The background is: in TIP we are thinking, we hope the Tigerstripe TIP model projects are
1) valid as a standard Tigerstripe model project.
2) valid when we check it with TIP specific model constraints such as
   - an Entity artifacts should not inherit from an AssociationClass
   - an AssociationClass artifact should not inherit from an Entity
   - an enumeration should be string-based rather than int-based.
   - an artifact should not override fields of its supertypes of same package (reason: otherwise the generated XSD is not valid do to duplicated elements)
   - the description of artifacts, attributes etc should not contains rich text (reason: the generated XSD may be not well-formed due to rich text in xsd:documentation)
   - more ....
and about UI, we hope the model validation process is launched and the findings are reported just like a standard eclipse valiation process.
    I'll send you a list of rules for your reference.

On 6/29/10 8:48 PM, "Zhang, Jin-Zhai (ES-BAS-China-SH)" <jinzhai.zhang@xxxxxx> wrote:

Hi team,

I'm wondering if Tigerstripe workbench provides model validation functionalities. Sample use cases would be to check a Tigerstripe model project to find:

1) all Entity artifacts inheriting from AssociationClass artifacts
2) all Association Class artifact inheriting from Entity artifacts
3) all artifact descriptions containing illegal characters

Does current workbench support these cases, or any extension points available for implementing such cases and other specific validation rules?

kind regards,


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