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RE: [tigerstripe-dev] Problem with Tigerstrip Project Auditor


Thanks, I will update to 0.5M2. Note that I only got those freeze when recreating the project from a clean environment. I am not doing that every day fortunately.

Best regards,


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Hi Marc,

We've have been doing some work on these "freeze ups".
We are ready to push a 0.5M2. I will likely push it today (will announce
here). I would like to see if this has fixed it.

The logs don't point at anything in particular.


On 1/25/10 3:23 AM, "Marc FLAUW" <marc.flauw@xxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello,
> I posted a message a while ago in the newsgroup without response. I had to
> rebuild my workspace and had the problem again.
> I upgraded Eclipse to 3.5.1 (Build id: M20090917-0800) and I have Tigerstripe
> 0.5M1 (
> The "Building workspace" stage stays blocked at 18% running the Tigerstripe
> Project Auditor on the /TIP_SPM_Dependencies project. It is looping at 100%
> CPU. Trying to cancel it does not work and the only way to stop it is to kill
> the Eclipse program.
> I let it run for a while and it did manage to complete after about 10mn of
> continuous run.
> I have attached 2 log files that are showing errors log.4 is likely to be more
> relevant even if log.1 also has strange errors.
> Best regards,
> Marc
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