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[tigerstripe-dev] Re: Tigerstripe Call Today

Title: Re: Tigerstripe Call Today
My notes on the meeting.

0.4.6 Maintenance Release
  • We did get positive feedback on 0.4.6RC2 from users (TMF & Cisco)
  • Some more testing has been going on as we found some problems with Delete Actions in large models, where diagrams would become unreadable. It seems to boil down to the upgrade to the latest GMF as no code was touched for that in the Tigerstripe code base.
  • Targeting May 8th for final release on 0.4.6.

Public Training on Tigerstripe
  • Multiple requests from user community (newsgroups and directly) for training on Tigerstripe.
  • Planning a public 2x2h webex session to address Tigerstripe as a Modeling env., the code generation aspects, and the extensibility. Dates haven’t been worked out yet.
  • Eric/Richard to present. We would also try and include somebody to provide a “users-perspective”.

JPA Persistence Generator

Release Planning
  • The current plan (as posted on is now off.
  • We have had to put out more maintenance releases for 0.4.6 than expected as a result to interactions with the user base.
  • This leads to shifting the future releases as follows: 0.5 in the Galileo timeframe (tentative July 17th) with a few drops in between. 0.5 will target Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo). The overall goal is to reach “graduation level” by Nov, and put us in a position to commit for the next release train of Eclipse.
  • Eric to update plan on to reflect new dates/content.


On 5/4/09 7:13 AM, "Eric Dillon" <erdillon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi All,

I realize today is a holiday in the UK, so we may have a smaller attendance today, however I want to host a quick meeting as I’ve been traveling.

Note that the call details have changed to Webex. Details at

On the agenda:


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