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Re: [tigerstripe-dev] RE: Packages

Title: Re: [tigerstripe-dev] RE: Packages
Indeed, the idea is “lazy creation” of the underlying package files on disk. Only create them when the user needs them, i.e. When the user needs to store something in it.
Otherwise, simply create volatile objects...


On 6/25/08 7:38 AM, "Richard Craddock (rcraddoc)" <rcraddoc@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Yes, and No,

We will not go through and create .package files for each package - the idea is that we "spoof" packageArtifacts if there is not a .package file associated with a given package.

If the user edits the packageArtifact, then we will create the "proper" artifact. The only thing that is held in a package Artifact is really a comment and stereotypes. The containment can be calculated using real or "spoofed" ones, and thus used at generate time.

I guess we will also need to do the behind the scenes creation of a real one if the user does a drag&drop onto the class diagrams - but we don't plan to do that part just yet.


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Subject: RE: [tigerstripe-dev] RE: Packages

Will we be able to load an existing project (eg. existing Chameleon) and have TS just sort out the packages for us on that first load?



From: tigerstripe-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:tigerstripe-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Richard Craddock (rcraddoc)
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Subject: [tigerstripe-dev] RE: Packages

Some responses below.

From: Eric Dillon (erdillon)
Sent: 24 June 2008 18:24
To: Richard Craddock (rcraddoc)
Cc: Tigerstripe Developers
Subject: Re: Packages

Hi Richard,

Yes, I am having a lot of fun :-).

See my comments below.

On 6/24/08 10:24 AM, "Richard Craddock (rcraddoc)" <rcraddoc@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Eric,

hope  you're having fun. I'm wildly jetlagged so am sleeping at odd  times!

So I've  been working on packages and have come up with a few items where I have had to  make some decisions and I'd like to run them past you...

Naming  :

1. When we do a getPackage() I think we should return the "parent"  package, and getName() should return the name of this package - so the FQN is  the same as the package we are representing.
2. isAbstract makes no sense -  so I removed it from the wizard - same for Extending Artifact.
ED> Yes. This  makes sense.

We  proposed that the packageArtifact lives in a ".package" file in the package  concerned. I struggled with the extract stuff, as I was trying todo some dodgy  mapping between "real" and imagined packages...I now realise that I can put  anything I like in the .package file because the java auditor won't look at  it!

So - having crossed that pointless barrier...I realised that the  explorer behaviour needs to be different based on whether the Package Artifact  type is enabled in the profile.

Wizard will create a true package plus a  PackageArtifact
Explorer will have an "Open in Editor" option for the  package (right click).
If the corresponding PackageArtifact does not exist,  then this should create it "under the covers".
The "New Package" action  should call the New Package Wizard - (as will an explicit  NewWizardAction).

Creating  ANY artifact should check for PackageArtifacts up the tree and create "under  the covers" for all packages. SHOULD WE OPEN THE EDITOR FOR ALL NEWLY CREATED  PACKAGEARTIFACTS?
ED> I think we  should avoid changing the behavior as much as we can. So I’d be in favor of  not opening the packages in editors. Unless users want to explicitly store  additional information (version/description/stereotype), that editor shouldn’t  be needed?

RC >> That's good - and  easy :-)

So we only open editor on a  PackageArtifactCreate (ie straight after a wizard) and an explicit "Open in Editor"

ED> It seems we can  create a IPAckageArtifact on the fly, and not have it stored? If a user starts  setting details on it, he/she would need to hit a “save” at some point which  would create the package (if not a module).

RC>> I'll have to try this - I think it  might be better if they got a message saying they can't edit it before  they type in and then gets rejected.

AbstractArtifact.getContainingComponent() will return a  PackageArtifact
ED> or any  other artifact is this is a field, method, literal.

RC >> Yes. My  bad

AbstractArtifact.getContainedComponents()  will return lots of things for a Package, nothing for other ArtifactTypes (or  should they return all the children - Fields etc)
ED> for other ArtifactTypes, they should  definitely return the fields, methods, literals.

RC >> OK

Question  here is whether this stuff should be cached?
ED> well, what do you mean caching? The contained/containing  components will need to be up2date at all time and should return the list  directly without having to walk any other data structure. What will be needed  is a filtering mechanism (and possibly caching) for facets. The same stuff is  currently in place for the Fields at least now.

RC >> OK - More investigating  needed.

Plugins  should have a getPackageArtifacts() collection in the context and the ability  to select that as a Artifact type in a rule.
This collection may need to be  filled with "dummy" PackageArtifacts if there are any missing .package files  for a "real" package.
ED> Yes.  “volatile” packages that are not stored.

RC >> OK

Add an  audit rule to check for .package files for all real packages. (This will be  horrible if we enable packageArtifacts for existing large  projects!)
ED> This is why we need  to lazy create them...

RC >> If we lazy create them (ie only on edit),  there will be tons of audit messages right up until they are properly  created.... which is what I was trying to say  here.

Explorer will just have the basic "new Package" action (ie as  now)

AbstractArtifact.getContainingComponent() will return an empty  collection.
ED> except for Field,  methods, literals which should return their containing artfiact.

RC >> Sure

AbstractArtifact.getContainedComponents() - will not have any  artifacts in - same question as above re Fields etc.

I'm getting near to looking at some of these odd cases, so let me  know of any thoughts!
 ED> sounds like a lot  of Junit testing :-).

RC >> and  UI.........

I also  need some icons!



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