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Re: [tigerstripe-dev] Refactoring API

Hi Eric,

thanks a lot, situation that you described is a TAF bug and I've added it here:
You really needn't care about have your refactored URI children or not because if there are no children you will have:

changed(oldUri, newUri, true) = changed(oldUri, newUri, false)

I'll close this bug in the nearest time.

Best regards,
Yuri Strot

----- Original Message -----
From: Eric Dillon <erdillon@xxxxxxxxx>
To: Tigerstripe developers list <tigerstripe-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>, Eric Dillon <erdillon@xxxxxxxxx>, Andrey Platov <andrey@xxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Thu, 5 Jun 2008 00:16:59 +0700 (NOVST)
Subject: Re: [tigerstripe-dev] Refactoring API

All right, I gave it a shot.
What I did is that I set the ³affectChildren boolean² to true. This works
now fine for an Artifact being renamed (i.e. All annotations on its
attributes are moved properly).
But when I rename an Attribute (with the boolean set to true) it doesn¹t
work. In other word, if the URI has no children I currently need to set the
boolean to false for it to work.
I would expect that setting to ³true² should account for the fact that no
children are there to be affected and perform the right logic no matter

Let me know what you think.

On 6/4/08 8:14 AM, "Eric Dillon" <erdillon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Yes, this sounds good. It seems the Hierarchical URI case is generic enough
> that the TAF should cover it. As for other cases, it think this should be the
> responsibility of the client indeed and the mechanism you mention here should
> work.
> I¹ll try Yuri¹s implementation today.
> Let¹s talk some more on the phone about this.
> Eric
> On 6/4/08 12:05 AM, "Andrey Platov" <andrey@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi Eric,
>> Thanks for pointing to the problem :) Initially we did not put any semantic
>> into URI, however it looks like we shall have at least hierarchical URIs as
>> an option. 
>> What we'd like to propose for currently releasing version is to add boolean
>> "affectChildren" parameter to both "delete" and "change" methods, which when
>> true will perform required operation on all the children in the hierarchy.
>> Yuri will provide implementation this morning assuming explicitly
>> hierarchical URI formats like scheme,segments,fragment. For more complex
>> cases (when clients only knows about URI structure) in future TAF may allow
>> clients to provide a kind of IURIChildrenProvider instances (which will
>> return children URIs for particular one) - something like JFace content
>> providers, and other helper structures allowing to perform refactoring for
>> URIs with unknown (to TAF) structure... But let's leave this for future.
>> Do you think something like this will work for now?
>> Kind Regards,
>> Andrey
>> ----- Original Message -----
>> From: "Eric Dillon" <erdillon@xxxxxxxxx>
>> To: "Tigerstripe developers list" <tigerstripe-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>, "Andrey
>> Platov" <andrey@xxxxxxxxx>
>> Sent: Wednesday, June 4, 2008 5:29:08 AM GMT +06:00 Almaty, Novosibirsk
>> Subject: Re: [tigerstripe-dev] Refactoring API
>> Re: [tigerstripe-dev] Refactoring API Hi Andrey,
>> Ok, so I¹ve hooked up Tigerstripe notifications to the refactoring support,
>> and I¹ve been doing a bit of testing/playing.
>> On simple cases, things work, but then on the ³interesting case² :-) things
>> don¹t work.
>> In particular, let¹s say I have an annotation on an artifact, and on an
>> attribute of that artifact. That means I have annotations on:
>> tigerstripe:/Foo/com.mycompany.Artifact
>> tigerstripe:/Foo/com.mycompany.Artifact#attr
>> Now, if I rename the attribute from ³attr² to ³attr2² everything is fine (the
>> simple case).
>> If I remove the Artifact to ³Artifact2², I end up with annotations on
>> tigerstripe:/Foo/com.mycompany.Artifact2
>> tigerstripe:/Foo/com.mycompany.Artifact#attr (<--- not Artifact2#attr), which
>> object doesn¹t exist anymore as attr is now in Artifact2.
>> Even worse, what if I rename the project to ³Foo2²?
>> What is the best way to handle this? These URIs are all Hierarchical, so is
>> there a way to get all annotations for a ³partial² URI? Should the framework
>> be handling the containment, or should the client do it?
>> Note that I¹m realizing that our URIs should look like:
>> tigerstripe:/Foo/com/mycompany/Artifact2#attr so the containment is truly
>> explicit... Then the TAF might be able to deal with it? (Scheme + segments[4]
>> + fragment)
>> Eric
>> On 6/3/08 6:14 AM, "Andrey Platov" <andrey@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Hi folks,
>>> Initial API to support refactoring is done and pretty simple, see:
>>> Kind Regards,
>>> Andrey
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