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Re: [tigerstripe-dev] Refactoring API

Title: Re: [tigerstripe-dev] Refactoring API
Hi Andrey,

Ok, so I’ve hooked up Tigerstripe notifications to the refactoring support, and I’ve been doing a bit of testing/playing.
On simple cases, things work, but then on the “interesting case” :-) things don’t work.

In particular, let’s say I have an annotation on an artifact, and on an attribute of that artifact. That means I have annotations on:


Now, if I rename the attribute from “attr” to “attr2” everything is fine (the simple case).
If I remove the Artifact to “Artifact2”, I end up with annotations on

tigerstripe:/Foo/com.mycompany.Artifact#attr (<--- not Artifact2#attr), which object doesn’t exist anymore as attr is now in Artifact2.

Even worse, what if I rename the project to “Foo2”?

What is the best way to handle this? These URIs are all Hierarchical, so is there a way to get all annotations for a “partial” URI? Should the framework be handling the containment, or should the client do it?

Note that I’m realizing that our URIs should look like:
tigerstripe:/Foo/com/mycompany/Artifact2#attr so the containment is truly explicit... Then the TAF might be able to deal with it? (Scheme + segments[4] + fragment)


On 6/3/08 6:14 AM, "Andrey Platov" <andrey@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi folks,

Initial API to support refactoring is done and pretty simple, see:

Kind Regards,

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