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[tigerstripe-dev] Comments on latest Annotation Implementation

So I have been playing with the latest Annotation stuff and it seems a fair amount more useable. Here are some comments:
For Eric/John:
1)  John's TS integration is using the deprecated model classes. Should we change to use the new stuff (I used the non deprecated version in my annotation plug-in and was somewhat puzzled when it did work.
3) Can we add the Annotation Property view to the default Tigerstripe perspective.
4) It is a pain not being able to use the  EMF Java objects directly in the plug-in model classes. Can some form of helper be added to simplify this.. at present the only way is to create a Jar of the annotation plug-in and directly add it to the plug-in project.
For Yuri/Andrey
2)  The annotation view should really be treated as a debug tool. It would be good to be able to delete specific annotations from the annotation property view. (right click on one..).. so
3) I *need* to be able to multiple line strings as properties on an annotation. There seems to be currently no way to do this. Even if we can't define 'custom' annotation editors soon can we have a means of creating multiple line strings.
5) If no annotation is defined for an element, it would be good to be able to create one from the annotation property view.
So rather than 'properties not available', show the annotation view without an annotations defined and then allow a user to add. Maybe it would be good to have add/delete buttons at the top of the view?
6) The above view should only appear if you can't define annotations on the selected object...

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