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Re: [tigerstripe-dev] Selection Conversion concept

So with the fix you included to Bug 234233, I think what remains is that the
SelectionConverter is used in the selection of the annotation to display in
the view, but not on the right-click actions. This is still a problem as you
have 2 different behaviors.

However, here again to avoid race conditions, you want to look at all
converted selections and build the list on that, rather than taking the
first selection...


On 5/28/08 8:07 AM, "Eric Dillon" <erdillon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Yuri,
> Thanks for you quick response.... However... :-)
> I removed the SelectionConverter and as expected annotations now do appear
> in the UI (although not the ones defined for IModelComponent which is
> "correct" from a TAF point of view!), but they are attached to Iresource or
> IJavaElement. And this is to be expected since the Objects from the Explorer
> are indeed IJavaElement, but they correspond to to IModelComponent. "I" know
> that, how would the TAF know????
> This is why the selection converter was a key here. Even further, when
> selecting an EditPart on a diagram I need to map it to the corresponding
> IModelComponent. There is no way around it.
> So I NEED to be using the SelectionConverter all over the place, include in
> the Explorer. Which means the problem is still there. That "adaptation" will
> continue failing.
> Eric
> On 5/28/08 2:36 AM, "Yuri Strot" <yuri@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi Eric,
>>> From the Tigerstripe perspective, it is currently impossible to create
>>> annotations on any Model Artifact as displayed in the Tigerstripe Explorer.
>>> Here is what is going on:
>>> When the user selects a Model Artifact from the Tigerstripe Explorer, the
>>> selection is propagated as a usual ISelection to the TAF. The selection will
>>> contain a ICompilationUnit as Tigerstripe Artifacts are stored in .java
>>> files.
>>> In fact, the Tigerstripe explorer is a PackageExplorer with changes to the
>>> Label provider and the content provider.
>>> The TAF routes this selection through all Selection Converters that may have
>>> been registered to populate the Annotation properties view. In our case, we
>>> have a TSModelSelectionConverter that will recognize the ICompilationUnit as
>>> being a valid TS model component and return a "converted selection" to
>>> IModelComponent. As a result, the URI is calculated correctly to be
>>> "tigerstripe:/....".
>> As I see, there are some misunderstanding of the Selection Conversion
>> concept,
>> so
>> I'll try to explain it better.
>> Selection Converter is an auxiliary component which help to convert
>> *non-component*
>> selection to *component* selection. For example, Java Editor using
>> ITextSelection as
>> every text document editor. To show annotations in the Java Editor we'll need
>> to convert
>> ITextSelection to java elements selection. We can't create annotation
>> provider
>> for
>> ITextSelection, because it haven't URI. There is why we need to use Selection
>> Converter
>> which show as java elements by document selection.
>> Converting ICompilationUnit to IModelComponent will be done with the
>> framework
>> automatically. So if there are all what TSModelSelectionConverter do, please
>> remove it.
>> --
>> Best regards,
>> Yuri Strot.
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