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[tigerstripe-dev] Re: TAF: Merging with branch

I have not seen this notice? In fact I just checked the nightly ran last
night without problem on the HEAD. Must be some local update he doesn't
have. I'll check with him tomorrow (today is a holiday in the States and

On Friday I did look at what was required to be changed in John's code to
work with the branch. It's only very limited and self contained. In fact I
did it in my local copy as John's code was very modular too.

So I don't think we should wait any longer for the merge. Why don't you do
it ASAP. I'll commit my changes.

I only had one problem with the "Router" that John wrote. This didn't seem
obvious on how to change it. Could you please indicate what changes on the
API occurred there?


On 5/26/08 1:04 AM, "Andrey Platov" <andrey@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Eric,
> According to last notice from Steve regarding something broken in HEAD shall
> we wait until problem will be fixed (to have a stable version for now) or just
> start merging with branch without waiting for fix?
> Kind Regards,
> Andrey

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