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[tigerstripe-dev] 0.3M1 - Available for download

Title: 0.3M1 - Available for download
Hi all,

Tigerstripe 0.3-Milestone1 is now available for download from

The highlights of this milestone are:
  • Split of the Workbench into a “base” framework and an end-user feature. While this has virtually no impact on the End-user modeling environment, it enables to build on top of the Tigerstripe Core (model manager, generation engine, scoping logic, etc...). This is the first true step in becoming a proper framework in addition to providing an end-user MDE environment.
  • Rework of the UML Import-Export: while this iteration needs a bit of polishing, our goal was to provide an extensible UML Import/Export mechanism into the Tigerstripe framework. For example, we have defined multiple extension points so you can plug-in your own import/export mapping logic.
  • Annotation Framework (integrated in Tigerstripe): define complex annotations to decorate a model or any resource in your Eclipse Workspace Annotations are defined through an EMF .ecore and registered through a set of specific extension points. More details can be found on our wiki at (See A-API at the bottom of the page).

This milestone also addresses a number of bug fixes. A complete list can be found with the details of this build on the download page.

If you haven’t tried Tigerstripe Workbench yet, the easiest way to get started is to download the End-user Bundle ( and unzip it on top of an Eclipse 3.3.x instance. A few tutorials and get-started pages are available from our Wiki.

The next milestone is going to focus on hardening the UML Import/Export and rework the back model management to use EMF natively.
More details can be found at


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