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[tigerstripe-dev] RE: Tigerstripe URIs?

Title: Tigerstripe URIs?
That's true - I sent an email on this and what I thought needs doing. Probably the URI needs to be relative to the location of the storage for the annotations, but that leads to issues locating a project when we don't want the annotations in the same location as the annotated objects. we would need a restructuring I think so that the project can be located from information other than the URI only.

From: Eric Dillon []
Sent: 04 May 2008 07:08
To: John Worrell (jworrell)
Cc: Tigerstripe Developers
Subject: Tigerstripe URIs?

Hi John

I was just “playing” with the Tigerstripe annotations, and realized that the URI provided is an “Absolute path” on the local disk, as opposed to a workspace-relative URI.

In other words, I see something like:


Where I think I should see:


... Or else the URI only works on my disk :-).

Now, we are already making an assumption that users will always use consistent names for their model projects (you can check out a model from cvs/svn and choose a different local name...). But I doubt there’s much to do here.

Could you please confirm this? If so I’ll raise a bugzilla for it.


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