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[tigerstripe-dev] Re: Confirm conflict with Java-Annotation Integration?

Title: Re: Confirm conflict with Java-Annotation Integration?
Thanks John.

I just spoke with Yuri and Andrey and told them I didn’t see that as a top priority. It is easy enough to not install the Annotation-Java integration plugins for now. I’ll split out the Annotation-Resource and Annotation-Java integration as separate features, so users/adopter can pick and choose more freely:

Base Annotation Feature
 + optional Resource Integration Feature
 + optional Java Integration Feature
Tigerstripe Base Feature
 + including base annotation Feature
 + including Annotation-Tigerstripe integration Feature


On 5/2/08 4:32 AM, "John Worrell (jworrell)" <jworrell@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I think that is correct - which one wins the tussle depends on the ordering of the registrations - last wins.



From: Eric Dillon (erdillon)
Sent: 01 May 2008 22:38
To: John Worrell (jworrell)
Cc: Tigerstripe Developers
Subject: Confirm conflict with Java-Annotation Integration?

Hi John,

I remember we briefly talked about this earlier this week, but I wanted to get confirmation. It seems (as I tried) that we cannot have both the Java and Tigerstripe integration present at the same time for the Tigerstripe-Annotation integration to function.

Can you confirm that?


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