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[technology-pmc] Project Lead election for Rubén Porras Campo on Eclipse LSP4E

A project lead election for Rubén Porras Campo on project Eclipse LSP4E
(technology.lsp4e) was started by Mickael Istria with this criteria:

Ruben has always been a very active contributors to LSP4E, over the last year
he's been giving a lot of reviews, has helped numerous contributors to be
successful and make them feel empowered and thus helped the community growing
and working efficiently together. He has an excellent technical understanding
of the proejct and the overall LS stack and has authored very significant
improvements and additions to LSP4E. He is also the one dealing with latest
releases and integration in SimRel and downstream consumers.
As you read it, it seems obvious that Ruben has already been acting as the
project lead for the project for a long enough time, let's just make his role
and commitment official by voting him so.
And thanks a lot to Ruben for all the work!

Eclipse LSP4E project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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