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[technology-pmc] Committer Election for Valerii Kalashnikov on Eclipse XFSC (Cross Federation Services Components) has started

A committer election for Valerii Kalashnikov on project Eclipse XFSC (Cross
Federation Services Components) (technology.xfsc) was started by Michael
Zigldrum with this criteria:

Valerii Kalashnikov has made an impact on the xfsc PCM Projects

They have addressed, among other things, the following issues:
   - Creating a Golang service for discovering plugins registered in Kong API
Gateway together with helm chart and CI/CD pipeline
   - Implemented the helm chart to deploy Account Service, which acts as API
gateway for PCM Cloud Web UI application
   - Implemented a helm chart and a CI/CD pipeline for building and deploying
PCM Cloud Web UI
   - Contributed to the global CI-Templates repository to make Golang unit
tests the same way in Golang PCM Cloud services
   - Developed Helm chart to deploy Kong API Gateway

His contributions can be seen in this xfsc group:

They have also coordinated the issue tracking and planning, enabling the work
of other developers to implement the PCM Cloud components.

It is my pleasure to nominate Valerii Kalashnikov as a committer on Eclipse
XFSC (Cross Federation Services Components)

Eclipse XFSC (Cross Federation Services Components) project committers can
click the election link below to vote.



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