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[technology-pmc] Project Lead election for Tim Ward on OSGi® Specification Project

A project lead election for Tim Ward on project OSGi® Specification Project
(technology.osgi) was started by Jürgen Albert with this criteria:

Timothy Ward is a well known and respected Committer to OSGi for years. A lot
of our Specifications are his brainchild and he was involved in discussions
around most others since he is active in the Project.

A List of the most recent Specifications he pushed and finished:

- Promises
- Pushstreams
- TypedEventAdmin
- Transaction Control

He is also an active advocate of OSGi and committer in a lot of other related
Projects, like e.g. bndtools. He is well spoken, even tempered and has a
brought technical knowledgebase he can apply.

It is my pleasure to nominate Timothy Ward as Project Lead on the OSGi®
Specification Project together with Stefan Bischof (Nominated separately).

OSGi® Specification Project project committers can click the election link
below to vote.



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