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[technology-pmc] Committer Election for Ahmed Hussain on Eclipse LSP4E has started

A committer election for Ahmed Hussain on project Eclipse LSP4E
(technology.lsp4e) was started by Mickael Istria with this criteria:

In 10 months since his first contribuiton, Ahmed already has a huge track
record of contributions to LSP4E. But the quantity of commits is not the most
interesting aspect of his contributions: Ahmeid has strongly challenged the
statu quo of the project and made excellent proposal to improve the API and
internal quality. He has tackled difficult problems and has demonstrated that
his proposals are very valuable, and that he collaborates quite efficiently
with other contributors in the best interest of the project.

It's definitely in the best interest of LSP4E to make Ahmeid a committer!

mistria@localhost:~/git/lsp4e$ git log --author=ahmed --pretty=oneline
8f9220cc9211dc15e0c9a73e03d238e12284454a LS Connection: Use a more
lightweight mechanism for ensuring documents are connected when opened in an
87eae490bfa33c3e879cc6513ed100026fe867e9 Experimentall: disable document
setup participant
e461b93ca7b7815c44abb58adcd52c1c1c335471 New api/port code actions menu
c6164a38b51e7ab39956ac37da6a1232caa40cc7 New api: port rename (#459)
e4db74cd89e8aeecb3f1657ccf093e50b25e0e08 New API: covariantly return null on
failure path (#470)
84b755653770526d37023407fa2871f908186a01 Rename: Fix issue with rename wizard
b3738edd55fce52fe939b23a39776f712eb41ce0 New API: Port code lenses (#433)
2646d1bcfd7c8299599cb7ce31235c9c4071c665 New API: Port hyperlink detection
be729021bd93456386163d9433e991f045898650 Fix Workspace Symbols Dialog (#423)
2ae48b6238a50190ddbbf019badab2e9c5b09a9f New API: Port workspace symbols
cc4b1ba047709a9186393ff15a8cae314aa8ba6f New api: Port formatting (#401)
99af08fc186a05273ae9c89c9bf6fb4157ee4880 New api - port hover (#389)
d12ffd2a23d3136991f00e7c5febbd7ab290f8a9 New api: Port color minings
6bf79a8ee849a1bad2a3651cb3a8d2b8618517ca Concurrency guarantees - new LS
access api (#344)
dc9f7c02d3cec165b7c52f722ba526343654924e Test teardown - make sure global
object is cleaned out on all paths (#380)
e45109b7ca57a6c5393e1152135120ae0ceddfab Improve thread cleanup/recycling in
tests (#376)
5ea29bf033f6b07c2d9a9ea769ec0d83bde4f219 New  api: port core document changes
23a0b6009ea106ab005270d2343b0267d43bb4b7 Add a torture test to show document
updates and (e.g.) a hover request being dispatched out of order
ca8b075e1386e6c7f91d035cc6787e47c5b60485 Inlay Hints: Use whole document
rather than an empty range for the request
b7656e701118e47484488d51f9a54b567b0bc068 UNC paths: Support preferred UNC URI
syntax on Windows (#229)
5d7e4a6ddcc88b51964ad3c00743be9d171f2d57 (tag: 0.20.6) Fix suspected
concurrency bug in debug logging (#195)
8775fa82e5fc440772363b242b78202ea0d1ba35 Maintenance/mitigate flaky tests
9743e442b8b4c1626cb3f901b2b5a188bd977bde WillSaveWaitUntil: Handle null for
optional boolean server capability
cad85f9f9c615a2adb3854e80cfcc4294d70a745 handlers: Use activeWhen rather than
enabledWhen consistently and scope to languageServer
bba406690f62aa5fefd10815930a185528ce1d13 concurrency: Ensure document changes
are sent sequentially to the server
cfd36c067fbbf555b30b0105e67469b19d07ab8b concurrency: Bail out of changes if
inconsistency detected
9cbe2b75b8c6f1d35f2d429c983c748ac8eed215 testing: Mitigate flaky LinkedEdit
00e1ea014c77745691e47858312bd21256a76452 Fix failing tests
b72dabc4a3e050bbaa032f9b576d882658e2176f testing: Use common test teardown
for temporary files and projects
51b82a1de7ee4b18bbe08b3e393916c06c07184e testing: Remove redundant manual
project teardown
f353d204ad6024b0349c5cf69d45edc895dc1f91 testing: Clean up unnecessary
BadLocationExceptions thrown from Outline Content Test
ca172adc3afec075357986c6c8c5459335e0e98a Diagnostics: Make sure that file
buffers opened temporarily in order to create markers are released afterwards
fbef85bfd1e9ef131c490eac9b2f95c8994b6bcf Add comment and bump build version
61d758ce430ee0e125287da57c0c0860a04b35ab Refactoring: add support for the
platform's preview UI
9ef09a231532ffbe0529dbcfe30e2597eb946866 Workspace Folders: extract resource
listener into class to allow complicated boolean logic to be broken up into
nearby helper methods.
5d41545a3fd876b5e505ed5130d6457c65411068 Add standard EPL-compliant header
3fe4613b8633348594718b9a37a3e52f41e157b8 Add tests for WorkspaceFolderEvents
Tweak mock server initialisation so that the capabilities can be customised
Move the logic for unsubscribing from Eclipse resource events a bit higher up
LanguageServerWrapper.stop() to avoid potential race condition and NPE
2c255f8119f926bf5a0551a737a5d45e17659faa Fix workspace folder events to use
eclipse resource change flags correctly. Avoid sending events with null

Eclipse LSP4E project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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