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[technology-pmc] Committer Election for Alexander Kurtakov on Eclipse TM4E - TextMate support in the Eclipse IDE has started

A committer election for Alexander Kurtakov on project Eclipse TM4E -
TextMate support in the Eclipse IDE  (technology.tm4e) was started by Mickael
Istria with this criteria:

Alex already contributed 28 patches to TM4E, and is the author of the most
recent ones.
For those reasons, I think Alex deserve to become a committer on TM4E; and
TM4E will benefit from having Alex a committer

$ git log FETCH_HEAD --pretty=oneline --author="akurtako@xxxxxxxxxx"
b81b3aa4dbc9448c4bbc8cea2027f71582c164ce (origin/master, origin/HEAD) Update
to Batik 1.14 maven dep
67022ba32b4a335439d3cd025560e16e418b3cd8 Fix try-with-resources warning
8bd939279705507e9fbbbc968a3fb34d13f8b530 Build with latest Tycho and
jarsigner plugin
d43edce12cc3567f3943b485e3d9885babbbd812 Fix build
7b046e9127c9886333a9cbd7b7739e50897e1c42 Update tests to JUnit 5.
bfa3a65c8e8477f7592125a2ad66e518c5aaecf1 Remove tycho workarounds.
7fb9b4815ebc387defd3dff345cf708a8f73a1b3 Update to JUnit 4.13.2
683536f1d56c28d91d67fe42d96674d507a5896b Remove
bab0d951b472160399f783cfaa2f6f4470abfd7f Remove deprecated Boolean
constructor usage.
9aca80040366dae77f012918c0e5adc3522d82f8 Remove java project settings from
c916f14553c25fc7cf8d20b07d7a30b804e378e9 Remove java settings from repository
d72a21bff094a3fac0b1b78e1fdf891dff527a16 Remove unused imports.
0e39163c2cdc160073ef08757568b858c8bef6a9 Move remaining parts to Java 11.
cf76d3b1179e4712c0c5117338cf8de1672d69d5 Add Automatic-Module-Name.
d0bdbbc0569f4177e00ed6d8949cac99cc374c4d Fix compilation in Eclipse.
070b11b2e81bb41e1d3167ff5baa154ff764a1e1 Update maven build plugins
aa76d039073a223cda50df35e485b072ec664212 Update target platform.
d479cb701d6dd3ff0fe94d0c832273940e13547f Build with Tycho 2.2.0
d64d32596abc7da3acb06ad12f3ca7f85ca1d672 Version bumps for the new stream.
824f9d63ce4a882c914d1037a0f68695196d5a1c Remove unused imports.
3f6f685189e81eb1ec55d2dcb08bdcb274dcf34c Set Maven min version to 3.6.3
1984b6b79ba31878172595dbf3bfc1e678af6701 Update to 2020-09 target platform.
96d6f342773bcdadb4bff16e8e5ce34e9edad977 (tag: 0.1.0) Bump 3rd party deps.
16b201577c2edef48c90b212cbd791b23d91f8e8 Move to CBI plugin 1.1.5.
ec89c98cb4346a6b274c69a5e87548dd1de1c535 Remove unused imports.
eb1dc4a89a5f80e9ae09c433d3d929ae15e6f38b Fix Eclipse projects configs.
fce0019e1c486c35bd55722f0b29ce44c93e43c2 Update Maven build machinery.
481632f8afb96d26b044002d2d4c751f9ad8e9ca Update Maven plugins.

Eclipse TM4E - TextMate support in the Eclipse IDE  project committers can
click the election link below to vote.



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