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[technology-pmc] Committer Election for Leonardo Banderali on Eclipse OMR has started

A committer election for Leonardo Banderali on project Eclipse OMR
(technology.omr) was started by Daryl Maier with this criteria:

Leonardo Banderali is an active contributor to the Eclipse OMR project in
many ways.  He was actively involved in IBM's original open-source
contribution of the Eclipse OMR compiler component.  Through his refactoring
efforts he became familiar with a broad range of components within the
compiler technology as well as extensible class design.

Leonardo has been instrumental in shaping the design and evolution of
JitBuilder.  He has successfully demonstrated the utility of the Eclipse OMR
compiler technology by integrating it into two open-source language runtimes
using JitBuilder:

1) A just-in-time compiler called Lua Vermelha
( for the PUC-Rio Lua VM that
realized speedups of 2x-4x on some Lua microbenchmarks.
2) As part of an academic team, developed a just-in-time compiler
( for the WABT WebAssembly interpreter that
achieved improvements on WebAssembly microbenchmarks and a 14x speedup on a
ray tracer workload.

Both prototypes made a number of advancements to the JitBuilder services,
type system, and overall architecture.  His recent contributions to
JitBuilder include the framework for implementing language bindings for
JitBuilder and the separation of the client and JitBuilder APIs (under pull
requests 2915 and 2968).

Leonardo also led the design and development of a new technique to test the
Eclipse OMR compiler technology in a more targeted and language agnostic way.
He developed a grammar to express the compiler intermediate language (called
Tril), a parser to consume a textual representation of the grammar and
convert it into the internal intermediate representation consumed by the
compiler technology, a framework based on Google Test for writing test cases,
and a means for the OMR compiler to produce Tril directly from the compiler
to facilitate test case development.  He then developed numerous compiler
unit tests based on Tril and prepared an instructional video and
documentation describing how to use it (it is the most popular video on the
Eclipse OMR YouTube channel).  He is the foremost expert in this strategic
area of code.

Leonardo has contributed nearly 50 pull requests (and nearly 200 commits) to
the project, and has repeatedly demonstrated thoroughness in his
implementation and quality of those commits.  He has also participated in the
review of over 80 pull requests from other contributors and provided input on
nearly 60 issues.  When his expertise is explicitly sought by other
committers or developers for a code review, his reviews are timely and
thorough.  His comments are always professional and reflect respect for
contributors and the Eclipse OMR project.  Leonardo also monitors and
provides timely responses to questions asked on the Eclipse OMR Slack
workspace, particularly in areas dealing with Tril, JitBuilder, and C++.  He
is a regular participant in the Compiler Architecture Meetings and offers
thoughtful opinions and insight in the discussions.

An important aspect of all of Leonardo's contributions are their steadfast
alignment with the goals of the Eclipse OMR project, the betterment of the
technology, and broadening the use of Eclipse OMR in other projects.  He is a
strong advocate of test driven development and all forms of documentation.
He has contributed numerous test cases, guided other contributors in
developing their own Tril tests, and wrote extensive documentation on Tril,
the JitBuilder client API, and on subjects such as compiler aliasing.  He
actively advocates Eclipse OMR in presentations and at conferences such as

I believe Leonardo will be an excellent committer on the Eclipse OMR project.

Eclipse OMR project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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