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[technology-pmc] Reminder to vote on Committer Election for Yash Khatri on Eclipse Lyo

Voting will close tomorrow for the committer election of Yash Khatri on
project Eclipse Lyo (technology.lyo).


I am pleased to nominate Yash as a contributor to Eclipse Lyo. The
contributions from Yash have been instrumental to adding validation in Lyo.
In particular, he has participated in the work on the following issues:

531398 	Migrate to Sirius 5
526362 	Allow exporting specification and vocabulary to .ttl file
527604 	Idea: show vocabulary classes as border nodes on top of shapes
527595 	Refactor Vocabulary Metamodel.
527092 	Inconsistent behaviour when deleting Domains Specifications and
526712 	Modify help expressions of the elements in Vocabulary Diagram.

I encourage you to support the nomination for Yash and look forward to his
continued contributions to the project!

Best regards,
(Eclipse Lyo project lead)

Eclipse Lyo project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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