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[technology-pmc] [CQ 15944] angular http v4.0.0

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--- Comment #4 from Oliver Kopp <>  2018-03-26 07:46:18 ---
Isn't version 4.0.0 pretty old? See
for the list of current releases. 4.0.0 was released on 24 March, 2017, the
bugfix version 4.0.1 on March, 30.

In the context of Eclipse Winery, we also want to use Angular, but are
struggling with the CQs currently (see

Currently, we are using Angular 4.3.5

Is there a special reason why you stick on 4.0.0? Can you also use Angular
4.3.5 or update to an even later version? See for necessary updates between
certain Angular versions.

I would propose an update to Angular 4.4.6, released 19 October, 2017, because
a) it is the latest in the 4.x series, b) an update does not seem to be hard,
and c) Winery also uses Angular 4.x. So we could use synergy effects.

Maybe, we could also have a joined update to Angular 5.2.9 (latest in the 5

We can also discuss on your mailing list, if this is a better place.

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