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[technology-pmc] Reminder to vote on Committer Election for Martin Lippert on Eclipse LSP4E

Voting will close tomorrow for the committer election of Martin Lippert on
project Eclipse LSP4E (technology.lsp4e).


Martin has been involved in LSP4E almost since the inception of the project.
He's made numerous code contributions (see below), has been involved in
several critical discussions about architecture on Bugzilla, has reviewed
several incoming patches, is active on the mailing-list to improve project
both technically and also in term of governance, has set up some CI jobs to
address compatibility of maintenance version and acts as a "gatekeeper" for
the current maintenance version. All those contributions are very good
quality, and have helped to make LSP4E production-ready and feature rich. For
all those reasons, I think it's more than reasonable to acknowledge Martin
involvement in the project by making him a committer on LSP4E, and the other
way round: having Martin as a committer would have a good impact on making
the LSP4E project even more sustainable.
Please welcome Martin as a new committer on LSP4E.

$ git log --author mlippert@xxxxxxxxx --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit
207b919 Bug 527902 - try to avoid duplicate language server wrappers in case
of race condition with initialization results
c58105e Bug 531167 - take empty request into account to not block the open
editor operation
7504358 additional improvements for tests, removed obsolete code, and changed
test for enable/disable ls slightly
712bc38 make testSave case more stable and predictable
4f7cac0 Bug 531030 - language server wrapper is now being reused even if the
initial project got deleted
57ee904 Bug 528291 - update lower version constraint on lsp4j to cover
multi-root support
78a019e Bug 527607: update lsp4j version for neon-based builds
feeca67 Bug 519997: removed info logging for non-supported IFiles since it
causes way too many log messages
a81f4c9 Bug 526602 - do not create text buffers for symbols in workspace
ef6d948 Bug 526272 - support http locations in symbols to be opened in a
ddad577 (tag: 0.4.0) Bug 525590 - apply additional text edits of completion
ad200ef Bug 522579 - not using old document infos anymore to prevent re-using
closed language server
aad15f1 updated version to 0.4.0
08c3b58 Bug 521626 - bring back 4.6 compatibility by switching to an earlier
version of expressions bundle dependency
ae16352 Bug 521152 - avoid to restart language server that is not connected
to document
9ddb681 Bug 521128 - update insertTextFormat for lazily resolved completion
baf70e3 Bug 519554 - additional fix to take qualifier values into account
ea4bae8 Bug 519554 - disable open-type-related key binding for older platform
versions to avoid conflicts
58909af Bug 517905 - added optional parameter to LS-content-type-mapping
extension to define language ID
36a24ab Bug 518650 - added test case that checks for using already connected
language server even if content-type does not match
3b094fe Bug 518950: added mylyn p2 repo for wikitext to target platform,
fixes the build
77ce6c3 Bug 518819 - wait for shutdown response before killing the language
706f1b8 Bug 518650 - allow language server to be found and used if already
connected to document
e0458dd fixed typo
0d88384 Bug 518332 - fixed wrong copyright header
5129963 Bug 518209 - language server gets shutdown correctly after second
3f0832a Bug 516975 - added config for Neon compatibility build plan

Eclipse LSP4E project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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