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[technology-pmc] Request assistance for Eclipse CogniCrypt


we are currently incubating the Eclipse CogniCrypt project and are going through the required IP process to check the licenses of the used dependencies.

There are a couple of question we would like to know about.

We raised all Contribution Questionaires for the dependencies. Most of them are resolved, but some of them are still pending.
If I am correct, we cannot check-in any code before all IP and the CQs are resolved in IPZilla. Unless, CogniCrypt is eligible for the parallel IP process[1].

Therefore I wonder,

1. Is CogniCrypt eligible for the parallel IP process? If not, can we get a preliminary approval?

2. What are the requirement for the check-in code?

       We would like to be prepared for the check-in. For example I found the naming conventions[2], are they mandatory for the first version of the checked-in?

3. What is the best practice to keep the eclipse-hosted source code in sync with github repositories?

       Our code is currently hosted in github repositories. We will make them public and would like to keep working with these repositories. Do other projects follow a similar approach?

       Is it possible to purely stick to the github hosted repositories, or can we keep both in sync somehow?




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