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[technology-pmc] Project Lead Election for MPC

Greetings PMC. I have a bit of a extraordinary circumstance.

The Project Lead for Marketplace Client has resigned. As his last act, he nominated Carsten Reckord as his replacement. The project lead who nominated Carsten was not actually a committer themselves, so their vote doesn't technically count.

Only one of the three actual committers voted. The other two committers are Carsten himself an another formally very active member of our community that is no longer participating in the project. I have no confidence that this individual will show up to vote, meaning that a proper election just can't happen.

I believe that we can reasonably consider the nomination itself as a +1, and since the EDP makes no requirement that you can't vote for yourself, I believe that it is reasonable to consider the nominee themselves as an implied +1, giving us a grand total of three +1s.

Carsten is the only active committer on the project, so his appointment makesĀ  good sense. Independent of the actual vote, the project is currently dysfunctional with no leader or ability to run a proper election and so we (the Technology PMC) have a responsibility to recommend that the EMO(ED) appoint a new Project Lead.

So this the long way of saying, should we approve this election and recommend appointment of Carsten to the role of Project Lead?

Assuming yes, I'll ask Carsten to make his first act to be to clean up the committer list.


Wayne Beaton
Director of Open Source Projects
The Eclipse Foundation

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