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[technology-pmc] Some test committer elections for Eclipse Dash

Greetings PMC.

FYI, in a few minutes I will be creating a couple of elections with sketchy merit statements.

The purpose is to test our new committer election system against the live system before rolling it out.

The webdev team is going to cheat on the election for Kasandra and make the system think that a proper election has occurred and concluded successfully. So, within a few minutes of starting that election, the PMC should be asked to approve it. We're doing this to primarily to test the committer paperwork process that follows a successful election.

We'll let the second election for Anne run its full course (I'm hopeful that we have enough active committers on the project to make this run successfully).

I'll take care of the PMC approval parts.

Thanks in advance,


Wayne Beaton
Director of Open Source Projects
The Eclipse Foundation

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