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[technology-pmc] Project Lead election for Charlie Gracie on OMR

A project lead election for Charlie Gracie on project OMR (technology.omr)
was started by Mark Stoodley with this criteria:

I would like to nominate Charlie Gracie as a lead for the Eclipse OMR
project. Since its inception, Charlie has had a strong presence within the
OMR project. The breadth and depth of expertise Charlie brings for Garbage
Collection and VM technology is unparalleled among project members. He has
handled the bulk of the merge requests and is the second most active
contributor on the project. In issue discussions, he has been a strong voice
for the project and steered both code designs and "governance" discussions in
directions that will contribute to the success of OMR. On his own initiative,
he created a demo for the OMR technology using the SOM (Simple Object Model)
project to showcase the OMR GC and, to create a JIT for SOM, volunteered to
be a beta tester for prototype JIT technology called JitBuilder that will
shortly become part of the OMR project. Charlie has actively promoted OMR at
several open source conferences like OSCON and FOSDEM over the last year, has
fostered relationships with many people in the ecosystem of developers
working on language runtimes, and is an outstanding representative for the
OMR project.

Charlie has shown himself to be worthy to join the project leadership for the
OMR project.

OMR project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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