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[technology-pmc] Reboot of the OpenK Project

Dear PMC,

A while ago I was contacted by the OpenK project team to help them resolve an issue with their project. Due to the nature of the current project staffing, the project team is exchanged on a regular basis. It means that active committers only work for a given period of time with the project and are then replaced by a different team. This leaves the project in a dormant state from an EDP process.

In order to resolve this, the project needs our help. I'm going to request EMO to replace the committers on the OpenK project with the following new team:

Carsten Mayer, carsten.meyer@xxxxxxxxxx (Committer)
Eric Schmidt, (Committer)
Felix Korb, felix.korb@xxxxxxxxxx (Project Lead)
Hans Neumann, hans.neumann@xxxxxxxxxx (Committer)
Heike Lueschen, heike.lueschen@xxxxxxxxxx (Committer)
Matthias Rohr, matthias.rohr@xxxxxxxxxx (Committer)

Going forward, the new team has to ensure that there is a sustainable model of bringing in new committers, which allow for a smooth operation per the EDP. I recommended the OpenK project to have a long term leadership on the project that is not replaced frequently but coordinates those transitions. Ideally, the leadership team are experienced committers/project leads that will help onboarding new committers.

Please, cast your vote if you are in agreement with this proposals.



Gunnar Wagenknecht

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