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[technology-pmc] eclipse scout and jshint

hi pmc


during the ip process for the eclipse scout neon release sharon’s team became aware of a comment “*jshint -W079 */” in our own code (which could be removed if this helps to simplify the process).
this raised the question if and how the contribution depends on jshint. to determine if a workswith depencendy is required, sharon asked us to discuss this topic with the pmc.
current setup:
-          scout developers that wish to have improved warnings/error support for _javascript_ in their eclipse ide can add the JSHint Eclipse plugin from eclipse source. this plugin is available on the eclipse market place [2].
-          we do not think that we would need a cq for this. reason: if this requires a workswith cq we would also need a workswith cq for whatever ide plugin that does not break the scout package
therefor we now need your opinion/answer to the following questions
1)       do we need a workswith cq for the jshint plugin [2]?
2)       and if yes, why?
thanks for feedback and best regards





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