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[technology-pmc] PMC approval needed for committer vote for Kaz Nishimura

technology PMC Members,
This automatically generated message marks the completion of voting for Kaz
Nishimura's Committer status on the technology.hudson project. As a PMC
member, you can approve or disapprove this vote through your My Foundation
portal page:

Kaz Nishimura was nominated by Winston Prakash as follows:
Kaz Nishimura is being nominated  for the Hudson project for the following

- Kaz is actively participating in Hudson forum discussions at

- Kaz has filed and actively worked on Hudson bugs  
[404800] [415376] [464557] [453946] [453947] [455838] [455932] [455960]
[456244] [463047] [477839] [477866]

- Kaz contributed code to the Hudson project. Two of the main contributions
to the core are adding Java EE 7 support to Hudson and currently working on
making Hudson UI mobile friendly, which is a significant project in it's
own right.

Kaz also actively maintains many Hudson plugins - ssh-salves,
mercurial-plugin, ftp-publisher, maven3-support, deploy-plugin to name a

Finally, Kaz is an individual participant in the project and would broaden
the committer base beyond the core Oracle contributors, in line with the
stated Eclipse aims of a balanced committer community on a project.  


Vote summary: 5/0/0 with 6 not voting 
   ?  Jason Dillon
   ?  Susan Duncan
  +1  Bob Foster
   ?  Anton Kozak
   ?  Nikita Levyankov
  +1  Stuart McCulloch
  +1  Duncan Mills
   ?  Lucas Panjer
  +1  Winston Prakash
   ?  Jason Van Zyl
  +1  Geoff Waymark

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