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Re: [technology-pmc] Golo and Maven Artefacts

> If you already have approval from EMO/Wayne to use org.eclipse.golo
> namespace for package names, ets. you can use this namespace in the maven
> repos.

Sounds good. We haven’t switched our packages yet, but this is a target for a future milestone while in incubation.

> There is nothing stopping you or a third party from publishing source or
> build artifacts to any desired location. That's an aspect of EPL. As long as
> you are also distributing through channels so that people
> looking for project artifacts there can find them (your point #3), you've
> satisfied Eclipse Foundation's requirements. Whether or not you also publish
> to is between your team and your adopter community. Try to
> make reasonable accommodations as time and resources allow.

Crystal clear, thanks!

- Julien

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