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Re: [technology-pmc] Golo and Maven Artefacts

> Do you continue running a website at Is that domain transferred to the Eclipse Foundation?

Yes, we continue using this domain, and it has been transferred to the Foundation.

> How large is your current adopter community? I can imagine supporting a request for continuing publishing under you existing group id in Maven central if a change would be too disruptive for your existing community. However, I'm not sure if we (the PMC) can make that decision or if EMO (and possible the board) would have to approve it. Wayne, can you help me out here? :)

The adopter community is still relatively small, so changing the groupId or keeping it doesn’t matter much.

If we switch to org.eclipse.golo then we’ll still need to ping the Sonatype staff to get the corresponding groupId.

So really it’s about you folks telling us what we should do :-)

> +1 if there is always something available via

That would be the distribution (binaries, scripts, docs, samples, etc), yes.

> I think there are quite a few projects already doing that. Note, a sync from is not possible. There are many data requirements for publishing into Maven Central which doesn't enforce currently.

Yes we got in touch with webmaster already, and we understand that.

We may optionally also deploy to, but in any case we’ll need to be able to push to central.

- Julien

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