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Re: [technology-pmc] [ogee-dev] Project Lead election for Klaus Deissner on Ogee

Well, I really don’t know how that could happen. :-(

Thanks for correcting this, Wayne!




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I think that you nominated yourself :-)

I changed the nominee to Sounak.

The other two committers will need to vote. Given that there are only three committers, Sounak will have to vote for himself.



On 27/05/15 04:34 PM, emo@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

A project lead election for Klaus Deissner on project Ogee (technology.ogee)
was started by Klaus Deissner with this criteria:

Sounak has been part of the Ogee development since before the initial
contribution. He played an important role ever since, as he is one of the key
developers. With regards to the number of commits Sounak is currently the top
committer of Ogee:
Apart from that Sounak took care of the project page and the build. For
release 0.6 he also handled the review formalities for me. Finally I would
like to mention a blog post he did at to promote Ogee in the OData

Ogee project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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