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[technology-pmc] Approval request for Sapphire 9 and 8.2 releases

Technology PMC,


Please review and approve the release review documentation for Sapphire 9 and 8.2 releases. Both releases are planned for 2015-06-24. Sapphire 9 is part of Mars. IP log has been submitted for review.


Sapphire 9


This release includes various API improvements, including integration with Java 7 and 8 language features (AutoCloseable and repeatable annotations). Additionally, reference properties now support transparent reference setting, meaning the target of the reference can be assigned to the property, but the model will still store just the id. This release is part of Mars.


Sapphire 8.2


This release includes a new length constraint for value properties, text field capacity feedback, ability to expand outline nodes with a double-click and various bug fixes.




- Konstantin

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