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[technology-pmc] Breaking changes to the archetype API -> m2e 2.0?


I have an initial POC that uses maven-archetype-plugin 2.3, instead of the 2.0.alpha4 version (which was released in the 17th century, give or take).

I checked it fixes the following issues :
- (on OSX at least), 

Bugs, may or not be fixed (I can't test proxies)

Most of these issues were automatically closed already after 1 year of inactivity. Doesn't mean the bugs are not there. My level of annoyance just reached a point where I'd like to take action now.

The only problem with the archetype update is it will break 3rd party adopters (JBoss Tools at least) depending on the archetype API (package/class names changed between 2.0.alpha4 and 2.3). I don't plan on introducing a compatibility layer, not worth the hassle IMHO.
Given that I'm also in charge of the JBoss Tools integration, I'm fine with the impact :-)

Getting the fix in will require m2e to bump its version to 2.0 (and open a bunch of CQs  in ipzilla)

I'd really like to get that change in for Eclipse Mars, if possible. Is it too late from a release plan standpoint (i.e. 1.6 -> 2.0)? PMC, fellow m2e committers wdyt?


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