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Re: [technology-pmc] Lyo project needs a "works with" designation for Jenkins



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Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2014 12:54 PM
To: Technology PMC
Subject: [technology-pmc] Lyo project needs a "works with" designation for Jenkins


Greetings PMC.

I believe that Jenkins reasonably qualifies as a "works with" dependency [1] for Lyo. They provide a plugin for Hudson and it seems natural to extend that plugin to support Jenkins as well.

I believe that this qualifies as a "works with" in both senses. First, the project code works great without Jenkins, but with Jenkins there is some extended functionality. Second, they have code that works great with Eclipse project Hudson and it also can work well with other examples of Hudson-like build services.

Please comment and/or approve.




Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation
          Europe 2014

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