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Re: [technology-pmc] Request to mark sisu-maven-plugin specific dependencies as 'WORKS WITH'

On 9 Sep 2013, at 16:44, Wayne Beaton wrote:

Is Sisu otherwise useful without the sisu-maven-plugin?

Yes, the sisu-maven-plugin is a utility for downstream users to generate an optional index file that makes classpath scanning faster.

Users can also generate the same index file using the Java6 annotation processor, or the built-in command-line utility class (SisuIndex).

You can use Sisu without this index file and you can also define your own scanning strategy to use a completely different approach.


On 09/02/2013 12:59 PM, Stuart McCulloch wrote:

The sisu-maven-plugin ( refers to the following dependencies in its Maven project descriptor (pom.xml):	--	maven-plugin-api 3.0	--	maven-common-artifact-filters 1.4	--	slf4j-nop 1.6.4

These dependencies are indirectly distributed via the Central Repository when someone uses the sisu-maven-plugin, but won't be distributed from Eclipse. They are not used anywhere else in the Sisu project.

Is it acceptable to mark these dependencies as 'WORKS WITH' ?

Cheers, Stuart
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