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[technology-pmc] Sisu build-only and test-only dependencies


I've been going through the Sisu IP Log to get it ready for submission before our first incubator release review (not yet scheduled).

The following CQs are actually build-time dependencies that are not pre-requisites at runtime:	cdi-api 1.0	geronimo-annotation_1.0_spec 1.1.1	SLF4J API 1.6.4	JUnit 4.10	TestNG 6.7

ie. you can choose to use the bundles with or without these libraries and they're not distributed as part of this project, but they are used to build the bundles (maven-tycho build).

I have opened a separate umbrella CQ to document Sisu's test-only dependencies, which are also not distributed:	org.osgi.core 4.2.0, org.apache.felix.framework 4.2.1, 3.0, logback-classic 1.0.7

For reference the Sisu repositories are as follows:

As discussed in [1] I'd like to get confirmation from the PMC that the above CQs are valid "works-with" dependencies for Sisu.

Thanks in advance, Stuart


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