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Re: [technology-pmc] "Works with" dependency: Nexus OSS 2.2-01


On 11/2/12 9:55 AM, Wayne Beaton wrote:
Greetings Technology PMC (I've missed you)

The Tycho project would like to create a "works with" dependency on Nexus. Basically, if Nexus is available, they'll take advantage of it. Tycho is otherwise useful without it. For background, please see Bug 393309 [1].

The Guidelines for the Review of Third-Party Dependencies [0] defines a "works with":

"The Eclipse software does not require the third party software to be present.  If the third 
party software happens to be present, the Eclipse software may call or invoke it.   
Example: If a web browser is present, clicking on URL's in Eclipse will cause the user's 
configured web browser to open the URL"

Your +1s are required.



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The Eclipse Foundation
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