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[technology-pmc] [CQ 6768] ASP.NET MVC Version: 4

--- Comment #9 from Wayne Beaton <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx>  2012-09-17 11:48:23 ---
(In reply to comment #7)
> We can build them from open source.   Setting up the build infrastructure on
> Eclipse might be a challenge - not sure how much .NET stuff is there now.  
> But, in theory, it should be possible.

There is no need to actually build the libraries on hardware. We
just need to be able to review the source code, licenses, and provenance. Once
we've cleared the source, you can just grab the binaries built from them.

> Would requiring the users of the ASP.NET MVC4 package to download it themselves
> change things?   Or is just coding to it trigger the need for the CQ?   

If you have a dependency on the code, we need a CQ. The Policy and Procedures
for Third Party Dependencies (referenced in comment 3) describes "workswith"
and "exempt pre-req" options that might apply (but I don't believe that they do
in this case).

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