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Re: [technology-pmc] Fwd: Aether "workswith" dependencies


On 10/1/11 11:47 AM, Wayne Beaton wrote:
I am comfortable with the categorization of these libraries as
"workswith" based on discussion in CQ 5629 in which Benjamin states that
the dependencies are "workswith" in the sense that Aether works
perfectly well without these libraries, but provides enhanced
functionality if they are present.

5629 technology.aether plexus-component-annotations Version: 1.5.5 (PB
5631 technology.aether plexus-classworlds Version: 2.4 (PB CQ4911)
5637 technology.aether sisu-guava Version: 0.9.9
5638 technology.aether AOP Alliance Version: 1.0 (PB CQ2918)
5639 technology.aether atinject (Package javax.inject) version 1.0 (PB
5640 technology.aether CDI API, JSR-299 (javax.enterprise:cdi-api)
Version: 1.0
5641 technology.aether sisu-inject-bean Version: 2.3.0

Per the Eclipse Policy and Procedures for Third-Party Dependencies [1]
the PMC is to discuss this request to designate these libraries as
"workswith". Your questions here, or on the corresponding CQ records, or
simply a +1 are requested.


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